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1. Provide users with free consulting services for air energy water heaters (heat pump water heaters) and water purifier product knowledge at any time, and according to the actual needs of users, formulate a complete design plan for free, and properly guide the rational selection of users.



2. During the installation and commissioning of the equipment, our company will provide free training to the technical staff of the user, including teaching equipment operating specifications, troubleshooting and maintenance skills, etc., and assign engineers to fully cooperate with the construction unit designated by the user to conduct on-site guidance and debugging.


3. Strictly follow the national stipulated after-sales service clauses and other value-added services promised by our company to perform timely after-sales repair and maintenance services, and provide all spare parts and spare parts in a timely manner.



4. The product is free of charge for 18 months from the date of acceptance. If the equipment fails during the warranty period, our after-sales service staff will respond to the repair within 24 hours. We will be responsible for non-artificial damage quality issues. Repair to original technical standards, parts that cannot be repaired are responsible for free replacement.



5. After the expiration of the warranty period, our company will still provide after-sales service of the product and implement life-long maintenance. If the equipment fails, the damaged parts will only be charged at the factory price.


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